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Journal of Social Work
& Christianity-

Call for Papers

The Journal for Social Work & Christianity is currently working on a new special edition on Social Work and Criminal Justice.  We are actively seeking paper proposals.  We would like to invite your students or faculty to submit their proposals.  


Here is the summary of the upcoming Journal:


Christian social workers are confronted with the needs of individuals and families who are directly impacted by Correctional Systems. Individuals re-entering society have specific needs that put them at risk for re-offending, continuing a cycle of incarceration. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (2020), at year-end 2020, an estimated 5,500,600 persons were under the supervision of adult correctional systems in the United States. Per Prison Fellowship, over 600,000 are released each year, and 2 out of 3 re-offend within three years. The COVID-19 pandemic saw historic numbers of individuals released into society who were not prepared and were not expecting to be released. This equates to a historic need to provide effective re-entry resources for individuals and their families. Such needs often include basic needs (Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs), mental health support (including treatment and psychiatric treatment), work barriers, lack of education or employment skills, social integration struggles, family counseling, and reintegration needs, all in addition to stringent parameters placed upon them by the Correctional System. This special issue will seek to explore Christian social workers’ perspectives, experiences, resources, and methods to provide and reintegrate formerly incarcerated individuals into families, communities, and the society at large, thereby breaking the “Prison Pipeline” and recidivism.

Please submit intention by 2/28/24 (see attachment for submission information).

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Dear Fellow Christian in Social Work,

How does your Christian faith relate to your practice as a social worker? Do you sometimes feel alone or isolated as a Christian in social work?  Do you believe a Christian perspective is having a vital impact on the social work profession? Is the faith community adequately equipped to help meet the social welfare needs of people both within and outside of its communities of faith? 

If you believe these questions are truly important, there is a place for you.

We invite you to become a member of the North American Association of Christians in Social Work (NACSW) – “A Vital Christian Presence in Social Work.”

For over 65 years, NACSW has been about the work of equipping it member to thoughtfully integrate Christian faith and professional social work practice. We seek to fulfill this mission by offering benefits and services to our members.

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